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pretty funny xD my roomate was like "wtf are you watchng?" lol

This was pretty funny lol! like the style changes a lot.

seems like they're like scorpion and ermac from mortal kombat!

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the backgrounds f***s u up with judgement lol but still pretty freakin fun!

fun little game lol

this digs deep down into assassin instinct! i just dnt like that even if you didnt do anythin, the cop kills u if u get close to him. the only thing that pissed me off a couple times xD but nice concept man!

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dont know why

I dont know why i think you played with a nirvana track in the backround to make you sound better but i will trust you. Not bad.

not bad

you should have sang...pretty clean playing. i listen to nirvana almost 90% of the time. I've heard people destroy his music. you didnt, thanks for that.

belt it out!!

dont be afraid of letting it out. i could barely hear you. But i like the idea you had for the song. nice!

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zombies, fog, two headed dead creatures from the mist, and devil shapes in the clouds... love it!

Its very open. it can be interpreted in quiet a few ways. like dark thoughts, evil thoughts...or maybe somethings in his life eating away at him, scrambling his thoughts into a mess of black uncertainty. And some of the black leaking outta the outline of the thought bubble, symbolizing this darkness slipping out and effecting his personal life. but i could just be nuking it. i like it. strangely interesting! nice. still a tad bit plain though, so sadly i give 4 and a half stars.

Its a nice mix of different styles of art. it has like an old school looney toon feel with silent cartoon characteristics! also with the comic book type of shading and color like previously stated! its awesome!!

Music!!!!!!! art!!!!!!!!!!! CRAZINESS!!! woohoo!

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